This category contains courses on statistical topics not covered in other categories, as well as courses of a general nature, such as general prerequisites for more specialized courses.

This e-learning material was designed to help users interested in the SNA update to access various resources related to the update process, some of the main topics included in the update, and country experiences with the new topics. The site provides material and links to some of the general webinars and topical webinars held for the SNA update. This is a joint UNSD, ECLAC, ESCAP, ESCWA, UNECA, and UNECE effort.

This e-learning course is a self-paced course consisting of six modules developed by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), aimed at providing an overview of the United Nations National Quality Assurance Frameworks Manual for Official Statistics (UN-NQAF Manual) - the recommendations on data quality, the principles and requirements of the UN national quality assurance framework and guidelines for its implementation. The course is intended for statisticians working on quality assurance and improvement in their countries or anyone interested in quality assurance of official statistics.

This microlearning provides guidance, practice and resources on preparing a press release in order to help increase the impact of official statistics in informing decision making and public debate. 

This microlearning is for those who want guidance in using social media to support their engagement with users of official statistics and data. 

This microlearning is for those who want to improve their skills in organising and delivering webinars to engage with the users of official statistics. 

This course is intended to support those involved in the production and dissemination of official statistics in identifying and engaging with their users, to help increase the use and impact of their data in decision making.